2017 Innovation Lab Recap

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Transforming School Leadership: Redefining the Role of a Principal

2017 Excellence Education Innovation Lab Recap

Watch the keynote speeches and engaging videos on redefining the role of a principal.

Check out the Facts & Figures and recent studies on North Carolina principals.

Ignite. Inspire. Innovate.

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View leadership profiles from former and current principals

Jeff Isenhour, Principal,

Bunker Hill High School

Dr. Isenhour

View Dr. Isenhour’s Leadership Profile

Steve M. Lassiter, Jr., Assistant Superintendent, Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools
Steve 2

View Steve’s Leadership Profile

Eddie Price, Deputy Superintendent,

Johnston County Public Schools

Dr. Price 2

View Dr. Price’s Leadership Profile

Margaret Spellings

President, University of North Carolina System

View Margaret’s leadership profile here

Shirley Prince

Executive Director, North Carolina Principals

& Assistant Principals’ Association

To view Shirley’s speech click here

View Shirley’s PowerPoint

Bonnie Fusarelli,

Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership, Policy and Human Development, NC State


To view Bonnie’s speech click here

View Bonnie’s PowerPoint

Rochelle Herring,

Education Leadership Program Officer, The Wallace Foundation


To view Rochelle’s speech click here

View Rochelle’s PowerPoint

Chuck Purvis, CEO, Coastal Credit Union


View Chuck’s leadership profile here

Ann Clark,

Retired Superintendent, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Ann Clark

To view Ann’s speech click here

Steve Tozer,

Founding Coordinator, Urban Education Leadership Program at the University of Illinois Chicago

Steve Tozer

To view Steve’s speech click here

View Steve’s PowerPoint

Inspire! Leadership Perspectives


View principal panel here

Facts & Figures: North Carolina Principals

Click Here for Principal Facts & Figures

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