Strategies: Strategies for Success


Support Students

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Elevate Educators

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Raise Expectations

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The three strategies identified in the Vision directly address the disjointed nature of education policy that currently afflicts our state. Supporting Students, Elevating Educators, and Raising Expectations will enable us to prioritize, align and build upon existing initiatives across the state.

Each strategy in the Vision is supported by specific priorities and approaches that show the greatest promise of creating significant, lasting change as quickly as possible. Similarly, each approach outlined below will have at least one initiative associated with it – a specific action or series of actions needed to move the approach forward. Many approaches will have several related initiatives, and many initiatives will relate to more than one approach. Each initiative will be prioritized by its impact upon the milestones (see Appendix 1).

When the Vision is fully developed, it will potentially encompass hundreds of initiatives. But no one stakeholder or group will be responsible for moving forward on every initiative. Rather, the Vision will require a collective impact approach to succeed. With each organization and stakeholder doing what they do best, we will be able to achieve our Vision and North Carolina will lead the nation in academic achievement.